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25th December of every year is celebrated as Christmas day and it is also known as an annual holiday for the Christians. It is celebrated in the wide part of the globe although it is a festival of Christians but people from different regions and religions all celebrated the occasion with enjoyment.

Christmas Day 2016

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The story behind the Christmas celebration is that the Christians believed the son of god who came to earth to save the mankind is Jesus Christ, and they celebrate the occasion to celebrate the nativity of the Jesus Christ. According to the story, it was believed that the Jesus was born around two thousand years ago in the Bethlehem. The Christmas word originates from the word Crisis masse, which means the mass of Christ. People of different regions celebrate the Christmas with love, kind, joy, and happiness in hearts among the gathering of family and friends.

Christmas Day 2016

On the Christmas morning, people go to church in the morning to pray to god and thank god for everything that they had with them. They sing carols on the occasion of the Christmas. People also take part in the different activities for the benefit of the society. People exchange gifts with one another and wish them Merry Christmas or happy Christmas. With the arrival of the month, people started decorating their homes and Christmas tree with all the shining toys, small little glittery balls, tiny stars, small gift boxes etc. On this day churches around the world hold some evening services to benefit the society. Most of the churches also hold for the midnight a special candlelight service which seems beautiful on the occasion. The main focus on the occasion is our lovely Santa Claus who brings gifts for us.

Christmas Day 2016

First, it was celebrated by the Romans pagans as the holiday of Saturnalia( in December), which was a long period about a week in which it doesn’t require to follow the rules as it was lawlessness celebration in between the 17 and 25. This was known as lawlessness because all the Roman courts were courts were closed and according to the law punished for any reason is banned for this week-long period of the Christmas celebrations, no one could be punished for any reason whether it’s for damaging someone’s property or injuring people. It was started with the name “Roman people enemy” that was decided by the Roman authorities so as to represent the “Lord of Misrule”. Earlier it was celebrated in a different way as each roman community has to select a victim for whom it is necessary to indulge in the Food and other physical pleasures whole week. By the process, they believe that they are destroying the dark or unwanted forces of darkness and evil by murdering that innocent man or women that the Roman community has chosen. This was all done at the end of the week that was on December 25th.

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Christmas Day 2016

Christmas was associated with the Roman pagans and the Saturnalia, by the early Christians so for the worshippers of the Asheira cult which were recruited by the church with the sanctioning of Christmas trees. Earlier Roman pagans were worshipping the trees of the forest, after some time they brought the trees to their home and decorated the trees and the custom was adopted with a Christian veneer. Since then it is celebrated with the decorated Christmas tree and it becomes a custom to decorate the tree with many little things, stars, glittery balls, gifts etc.

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Christmas Day 2016

It was the culture of the pre Christian Rome, the earlier emperors forced their citizens and compelled them to bring gifts and offerings during Saturnalia (December) and in January later it has become the custom of gift distribution or gift giving among the family and friends.

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Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas is always remembered as the kids were always waiting for the Santa Claus on the occasion because they believe that the Santa will bring the gift for them. People used to call the Santa Claus as the Father of Christmas. Kids were all waiting for the Santa on the occasion of Christmas. Santa Claus is related to the monk named St. Nicolas. Santa Claus is imagined as a jolly man in red and white color dress. It is believed that the monk st. Nicolas was born around 280 A.D in Patara near Myra in turkey. It was known that the man distributed his all wealth to the poor and traveled around to help the needy and poor persons around the world. There are many stories regarding the kindness of the St Nicolas. One of the popular stories is like that he saved the three girls from being sold into the slavery by their father as he doesn’t have money to marry them. St Nicolas was the popular saint in Europe.

So this is all about the Christmas hope you all will enjoy the Christmas with family and friends this year.

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