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Christmas is the most popular festival which is celebrated in all over the world on 25 December which is said to be the federal as well as the religious holiday in the United States. This day is not only celebrated by the Christians but Non-Christians of various religions also celebrate this festival. Talking about the way to celebrate the Christmas Day festival, this Day is celebrated by exchanging gifts, going to church, cooking meals and dishes, decorating your home as well as the Christmas tree.

Christmas Day 2016

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Christmas is celebrated as the perfect holiday which you can celebrate with your family members. Different countries celebrate this day in different manners. Many peoples share or donate the feast and clothes to the needy one. Others celebrate this day by sharing gifts and greeting cards to their relatives and family members. The origin of celebrating the Christmas day is the United States of America. Many people drinks, have toasts, doing lighting, firing in the air and playing other gaming chores to celebrate this Day.

On the Christmas Day, people sing the Christmas Carol on this day which is created by the English author whose name is Charles Dickens. It is a belief or you can say it is a superstition that singing the Christmas carol is said to bring unlucky if it’s sung on another day apart from the Christmas day.

People open their house and the doors and windows of their home at night to escape the evil activities present in the house. Christmas Evening is said to be the day when all the evil activities escape from the house. If anyone finds the footprint in an entering position then it is said to be the good sign. If any of the women came first on the Christmas Eve then it is considered to bring the bad luck.

Christmas Day 2016

The first-foot enters the room is said to bring blessings. In various countries, children hang stockings in which there is the filling of chocolates and goodies which are to be filled with hanging stockings. On this day, children wait for the cards, goodies, and other gifts which are to be given by the adults.

Christmas Day 2016

Before Christmas Eve, women started cooking various dishes including the Christmas pudding, toast, and other. If you stir the pudding then this is considered to be a good sign especially for the girls who are hoping to get married soon. Whenever they stir the pudding then it is sad that the girl’s marriage is going to happen soon. If you cut portion of Christmas cake before celebrating the Christmas Eve then this is also considered as it brings the bad luck. Having apple on this day is considered to bring healthiness in the coming year.

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Like other festivals, Christmas also has many beliefs and traditions which they continue every year. The most known tradition and custom on this day are the exchanging gifts and greeting cards on Christmas Day. Each and every one wishes to receive gifts on the Christmas. Even on this day, little kids and child wait for the Christmas so that they receive many gifts. Little kids wait for the Santa to come and give surprises to them. Santa Claus is the most popular icon for the kids because he has its own reputation of bringing gifts to the little kids. In order to symbolize the Santa Claus, it’s a myth that the Santa Claus wears red and White clothes on this occasion and his home is near the North pole side which appears on the Christmas Day and fills the socks or stockings with various goodies, and gifts in the 24th December night.

The gifts which adults gives to the little kids and to the someone else is not just the metallic thing or is not considered as the materialistic value but it denotes the love and creation present behind giving gifts to the other person. While getting any gift, does not see their prices and the value that they have in the market. The gift is a gift, it may be the simple one or the beautiful one, all you have to see the emotions and the reason behind giving the gift. A gift which has some touchy quotes or the gifts which are very different shows the personal touch and emotional feelings behind sending the gift. Lastly, the gift shows the personality of the person and the feelings behind the gift.

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