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The Christmas is the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and the houses and churches in the cities are decorated with lights and beautiful posters that are attracting the people in wonderful ways.

Christmas Day Images

Christmas Day Wishes

Christmas Day is the most known festival which is celebrated on 25 December. This Day is a public holiday in almost every country. This festival is celebrated by many Christian as well as non-Christian people. We celebrate this day by exchanging gifts, playing Christmas carols and music, lighting, and giving greeting cards to the relatives and friends. This is the most awaited festival for the Christian which is celebrated by the billions of the people belongs to all the age group. Christmas is the holy festival which is celebrated worldwide, we celebrate this day as Lord Jesus’s birthday with full of joy and happiness. The Christmas Day is celebrated in all churches on Dec 25 including Easter Rite and Roman.

Christmas Day Images

This day is celebrated by exchanging gifts with your loved ones and selecting an appropriate gift to the loved ones is the most crucial task which requires the little bit of your thought and creativeness. In order to give gifts to your relatives, flowers are the best choice for this occasion. Flowers and bouquets bring fragrance and they are the best gift to greet and gift to your relatives and friends.

Happy Christmas Day Sayings

This popular festival brings prosperity and courage in our life. This festival gives you the significance truth in your spiritual life. Jesus Christ was born at the time when negativity spread all over the country ignorance, superstition, hatreds, and greed prevailed in the country. After the birth of the Jesus Christ, he transferred everything and change almost every people’s life. People started their new life and on that day the new era started.

How is the Christmas festival celebrated?

Christmas Day Images

On the day of Christmas, all the Christians come together and start praying in the church. They celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by either singing the carol song or by playing the carol singing. After this, people start wishing each other by giving greetings or by exchanging gifts. To celebrate the day, people bring Christmas tree in their garden and start decorating the tree using stars, lights, and other decorative items before the Christmas morning. The children and the family member hang the stockings on the wall in the house and it is believed that the Santa comes and left gift item in the stockings.

Children wake up early in the morning to see the gifts they have got from the Santa and from the elder or dearer ones. Children and young generation dressed up beautifully on this occasion as they purchased the new clothes from the market for Christmas Day. In lunch or breakfast, they enjoy delicious food such as puddings, meat, beef, cakes, and other dessert or food items. The family members and other loved ones sang the carol song

Christmas Day Images

In early December, people started purchasing their clothes and decorative items. Many of the outlet stores come up with beautiful jewelry and clothes. You can purchase glass balls, eggs, wooden balls, and various other costly items which you can purchase at discounts. You can also gift these ornaments to your loved ones to convey your feelings as ornaments deliver the feeling of love and affection for the other person. In order to symbolize the Christmas Day, various traditional symbols such as candy canes, gingerbread houses are the most used ornament theme used to celebrate the Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Blessings

Christmas Day Images

In India, the Christmas Day is celebrated with all joy and devotion which starts from 24th December and continues till the new year starts. To celebrate the Christmas Day, we sing carol songs, bake cakes, lighted candles, and decorating Christmas Trees. In India, this day is known as “Bada Din” and is celebrated by the person who belongs to various religions. On 24 Dec, ladies start baking cookies, pastries, and cake for their loved ones. In early December, people start purchasing gift items as well as new clothes for the occasion. On this occasion, you can even plan to organize the get-together party.

In Europe, Christmas Day is celebrated by spending valuable time with the family members, going for shopping, decorating the entire office and home. This occasion is celebrated by cooking dinner, baking cakes and pastries make fudge. On this day, children of various age groups enjoy playing indoor as well as outdoor games, share gifts and items, and decorating the Christmas tree.

In Switzerland, the Christmas Day is celebrated almost in the same way as it was celebrated in other countries. On this occasion, various families and friends gather on the Christmas Eve to celebrate the Day. People start decorating their house before 2 to 3 days of the Christmas Day. Various families gather in the garden to celebrate the Day and exchanges gift items.

So this way, Christmas is celebrated in various countries. The day has its own tradition and custom which is carried forward by the families in all over the world.

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