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25th December is celebrated as Jesus Christ’s birth on the Christmas Day. The Christmas Celebrations are most noticeable in the states where there is a majority of Christians. Christmas Day is a gazetted holiday in India. It is said that God Jesus was born to Mother Mary in Bethlehem almost two thousand years ago. The Lord Jesus was born in a manger because for his parents, Mary and Joseph there was no place to reside in. The word Christmas comes from the root word Cristes maesse, which is an early English phrase which means the Mass of Christ.

Christmas Day Quotes

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Christmas is the occasion that fills joy, love, and happiness in the life of people. On this day, there is a lot of festivity among the Christians who go to church, participate in special religious services, exchange gifts, sing carols, decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe, flowers, lights, and Christmas trees and plan family gatherings. The Christmas Eve holds a great celebration at the churches all around the world and holds evening services. At the midnight, most of the churches do hold special candlelight services. Santa Claus is considered as a symbol of happiness and joy and who brings gifts for the children.

Christmas Day Quotes

Many Christians celebrate Christmas Day celebration by attending the special church services, and spending time with family and friends while having a festive meal. Some families do exchange gifts and this is a great idea to celebrate the mood of festivity. Masses that are put up the native scenes of church and décor their homes with clay figures and Christmas tree. The Christmas trees are made up of the imitation of pine trees and branches of the native trees and bushes.

The market these days are full of glittery Christmas decorations and actors who play the role of Santa. The Christmas day celebrations are equally celebrated in the tourist areas & hotels that emulate the Christmas Day where the tourists & travelers are from.

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All the governmental and most of the non-governmental offices are closed on the Christmas Day. Whereas, Christian stores, businesses, and few organizations do remain close with reduced opening hours.

Christmas Day Quotes

Many of the Christians do remember Jesus Christ’s birth and celebrate it as the Christmas Day, which falls on December 25 which is according to the Gregorian calendar. But his actual birthday remains almost unconfirmed. Most of the Scholars do think that Saint Thomas and the Apostles have introduced a new religion called Christianity to the area which is now called India around the 52 CE. There are approximately 24 million Christians that are present in India. Christmas Day is celebrated in most of the states and celebrated now even by the non-Christians.
Christmas can be considered as the perfect time to celebrate the love for God and family and to refresh all your memories of the good times with your family. Jesus is the God’s son and he has sacrificed him for the humanity. Jesus is indeed the best gift by God to all of us which we all cherish on Christmas every other day of the year. Christmas holds the symbol season for kindling the fire for hospitality, and the genial flame of charity in all hearts.  To Celebrate the Christmas Day, here are given some of the important quotes to stay connected with the spiritual one, and to remember the birth of Jesus who has sacrificed his life for the sins of Human Beings.

Christmas Day Quotes

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  • The one who has not Christmas in the heart will ever be able to find it under a tree.
  • Christmas isn’t only a season, but a great feeling.
  • At Christmas play, you can make a good cheer, for Christmas comes only once a year.
  • What will you and I gift for Christmas this year? Let us give our Lord and the Savior a gift of gratitude by following his teachings and by learning from His footsteps.
  • Stay Happy, happy Christmas, that you can win us back to all the delusions of our childhood days, recall it to the old man and the pleasures of his youth, and transport the travelers back to his fireside and quiet the home!
  • A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s really compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all can go through it all together.

Christmas Day Quotes

  • Nothing can say about holidays, it is like a cheese log.
  • The essence, the very spirit of the Christmas is that we firstly have to believe things as it is so that it presently turns out to be good.
  • We don’t think that Christmas is necessarily all about different things. It’s also not being good to one other; and it’s simply about the Christian ethic, as it’s all about the kindness.
  • It is no better time than this present time, the Christmas season, as all of us are to rededicate ourselves to the principle taught by Jesus the Christ. It is the correct time to love the Lord, our God, with full of all our heart – and our neighbors are ourselves.
  • Christmas is a religious joy, the joy which is an inner joy of great light and peace.
  • Christmas is the time when my child is love in action.
  • Every time we love, and every time we give, then it’s Christmas.
  • You love the excitement, the childlike spirit of the innocence or it is just about everything that goes along with the Christmas.

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