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The Christmas Day 2017 is the great birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and it is powerfully known for one of the great celebration for it and known with their great wishes and blessings from Santa Claus and family members.

Christmas Eve Images

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We all know that the Christmas falls on the 25 December of the year and a day before is known as the Christmas Eve then it is on 24th of the month of December. Coincidently if the Christmas falls on the weekend then the holiday may be observed on a different day. Most of the countries have a half day or a full day holiday on the Christmas Eve. Christmas is actually a time that you may like to spend with the family and friends so the business personalities think that the Christmas eve is not the schedule any meeting and so they offer a holiday or half day to the employees as they want to visit their relatives or want to travel home on the Christmas. There is a fact that the end of Advent period was marked on the Christmas Eve in some of the churches while some others will mark the end of the Advent period at the midnight of the Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Images

There are many customs and traditions that are related to the Christmas Eve. One of those widely known customs and traditions is the midnight mass that is followed till now by the young generation also. Many countries like Spain, Poland, Mexico, and Italy will treat it as one of the most important Church services during the Christmas season. In some of the countries, people do the fasting on the Eve of Christmas and eat the Christmas meal after the Midnight mass services in the church of these countries. There are some other countries in the world that follow the tradition to eat in the evening and then go to the church’s midnight mass after having the meal.

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On the Christmas Eve, some of the people to exchange their gifts with other family members or friends. It is also a belief that the Christmas day is the busiest day for the Santa Claus as he has to travel through the millions of miles in a single day. Many people decorate their houses and a Christmas tree for the Christmas Eve. According to one another Christmas tradition people believe and bring a Yule log into the houses and decorate it also for the Christmas Eve, people will light it on the Eve of Christmas. It is a tradition that the Yule log will be burnt continuously until the twelfth night of the Christmas.

Christmas Eve Images

People bring some greenery into the home such as Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe on the Christmas Eve. A Christmas carol is also an important part of the Christmas Eve. A Carol singing is still popular with the crowd on the Christmas Eve. There is also a tradition or we can say that a superstition in the UK according to which the girls of the UK will find their future love on the Christmas Eve. This works like this the girl actually cooks the cake which is widely known as the “dumb cake”, it was a believe that the cake has to be made in silence and then you have to mark your initials on the top, The cake was prepared and kept at the fire hearth and the true love will come and pick the initials of his name next to the girls initials. Isn’t it a great tradition for finding your true love? Well, it sounds interesting.

Christmas Eve Images

With the changing traditions according to the countries, Christmas was celebrated by the major crowd and gains popularity with the time. As per the tradition, children’s across the world will leave their food and drinks for the visitors and prepare gifts for them. Santa Claus plays an important role in their life and they call Santa with different names like Father of Christmas in some countries. ChristChild in some others, Christmas elf, a small man, and Christmas goat are the names of the Santa Claus that are widely known and famous.

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There are many fun activities and games were planned for the Christmas Eve to celebrate the occasion with joy and happiness. People decorate the Christmas tree with different items like balls, stars, small gift packs etc. Children’s will do the decorations with more energy and creativity. They decorate the tree with the colorful ribbons, shining balls, glittery gifts and many similar things. So Christmas Eve is an important part of the entire Christmas celebrations. You will also have the Christmas meals and cakes on the Christmas Eve so that you can enjoy fully with the family and friends of yours.

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