Happy Dhanteras 2016 Images With Devotional Wishes


Dhanteras is the primary day event of the huge and eminent Hindu festival, Diwali which is a five-day long celebration that is celebrated customarily in all the corners of the Indian Subcontinent. Dhanteras festival is celebrated on triodashi of the dark fortnight which is known as the Krishna Paksha. It is also described or called the Dhanvantari Triodasi, which is observed on the auspicious 13th lunar day of the dark fortnight – Krishna paksha in the Kartik month. In accordance with the Hindu Panchang, the month of Kartik is observed in the middle of October and November.


The sense of Dhanteras is prosperity; on this date, people pray in front of Goddess Lakshmi to acquire an affluent life and happiness. They adore Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha mutually. There is a tradition of procuring the all fresh things and bring them home, which traditionally means that Goddess Lakshmi has come home. The entire year Lakshmi is going to come to the house to this day. Dhanteras holds an exceptional worth for the trading population as they formulate traditional purchases of the precious metals on the day of Dhanteras. Dhanteras 2016 is going to be commemorated by the masses with a great sense of joy and contentment on Friday, the 28th of October. The so-called Shubh Muhurat for the iconic Lakshmi puja and Ganesh puja on the date of Dhanteras is from 7:11 to 8:25 in the evening. The complete length provided for the puja is nearly 1 Hour and 14 Mins in time.


In the year 2015, Dhanteras was observed by all the people with immense delight and cheerfulness on Monday, the 9th of November. Everyone waits for this day of Dhanteras with a great sense of enthusiasm to approach soon as it is a fortunate day for the houses and commerce premises. They refurbish and beautify their homes or company premises with new lights, paints, Diyas, flowers, candle, and rangoli. The entry gate is garlanded with the multicolored and customary designs of rangoli so as to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, which is the Goddess of Prosperity and Success. They fix ready-made little footsteps that resemble Goddess Lakshmi arriving into their house or they can also combine rice flour into vermilion concentrate and portray miniature footprints all over their home.


It is an enormous festivity for Hindu community as they buy silver and gold coins, utensils, jewelry, and other fresh things. It is written in the folklore that bringing fresh things home is a symbol of good fortune. The Lakshmi Puja is performed in the time of the evening with the Bhajans, small Diya of clay, and devotional songs to value the Goddess Lakshmi. The lighting of small Diyas indicates that the darkness of evil spirits is going to drive away from our house.


Once, there exists a king who was ruling his empire very merrily. After quite a few years he was adorned with a baby boy in his home. The astrologer told the king that his son is not going to live or will die completing 4 days of his marriage. Then the king happened to stop his son from the girls in the neighborhood. He had concealed his son in a place which had no lady or girl. But one time, the prince met a princess whilst fleeting his way, which he liked and decided to marry.

According to the prophecy, after 4 days of his wedding, the Yamdoot came to acquire the life of the prince. His wife started crying for the life of his husband. Watching this Yamdoot asked Yamraj to tell her a way out, so that she could save her husband’s life. Yamraj told her that, the person who is going to worship him on the night of Trayodashi of the Kartik moth’s Krishna Paksha with the oil lamp facing the south, has no panic of unexpected demise. That’s why masses lit lamps on the outside of their homes facing the southern part on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.

Dhanteras 2016 Wishes

May this Dhanteras light up fresh hopes,

New dreams, hidden boulevards,

Special perceptions, everything brilliant &

Stunning and fill your days with enjoyable moments.

Have a Happy Dhanteras!


May Goddess Laxmi sanctify your company

To do healthy business despite all odds like

the lasting charms of gold bars and diamonds

Happy Dhanteras!


May the Dhanteras Celebrations

award you with richness and affluence

Cheerfulness comes to your doorsteps

Wishing a bright prospect for your life

Shubh Dhanteras 2016!


On the propitious day of Dhanteras

Hindus pursue the custom of buying

Valuable metals like platinum, gold, or silver,

In the form of jewelry, coins, and utensils for good luck.

Happy Dhanteras to you and your family


Dear Goddess Lakshmi

Exalt the recipient of this note with the maximum Dhan

On this auspicious day od Dhanteras.

Happy Dhanteras to you!


Decorate our lives else worn

With sparklers that assorted skies

As tall spirits of powder meander

Let us show gratitude to the wonderful might,

In this celebratory season of light!

Happy Dhanteras to everyone!

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Dhanteras 2016 Messages

Dear Goddess Lakshmi, Bless the recipient of this wish with Dhan on this Dhanteras. Happy Dhanteras to you and your family!

May Goddess Lakshmi approve your business to grow in spite of all odds such as the permanent charms of the diamond and gold coins. Happy Dhanteras 2016!

May Goddess Laxmi and the Kuber Maharaj consecrate your trade to do well despite all odds such as the lasting charm of precious metals.

Decorate our lives with sparklers which assorted skies. Like the towering spirits of powder ramble. Let’s be grateful to the blissful might this joyful period of lights.

The sun shines for the day, the candle for an hour or so, a Matchstick just less than a minute, but a wish can charm for days and forever, so here am I wishing you for a Glowing Dhanteras and Glowing life!

May this time the Dhanteras Celebration award you with wealth and success. Contentment arrives at your doorsteps. Wishing a very brilliant future to your life! Shubh Dhanteras to you and your family!

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