Happy New Year 2017 Facebook Pics & Clipart

Happy New Year Facebook Cover Pics

Happy New Year 2017

New Year is the only time in the whole year where a new calendar month begins and also where the calendar’s year count increments automatically by one. Many of the cultures do celebrate this event in the same manner where others celebrate it in their own different manner. The New Year which is said to be the new year according to the Gregorian calendar, are the recently used dates, and it falls on the 1st  January (the New Year’s Day), as it was the scenario in  both the old Roman calendar (after about the 713 BCE) and also in the Julian calendar which succeeded it. The order of all the months was starting from January to December in Old Roman calendar in the reign of the King Numa Pompilius in around 700 BCE, according to the Plutarch and Macrobius, in has been usage since all that times. Many of the countries, including the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and the UK or the United States, 1st January is marked as the national holiday.

Happy New Year 2017

In Western Europe during the middle Ages, the Julian calendar was in use, and the authorities moved the New Year’s Day differently all depending upon the locale, and also to one of the several other days, amongst them. Varying from 1st March to 25th March, from Easter to 1st September and lastly to 25th December, the date keeps moving. These dates in the New Year’s Day changes reverted by using January 1 before the local adoptions of the Gregorian calendar in the year 1582. All the change from early March 25 to the Lady Day, and one of the 4 quarter days, to January 1st, took place in the Scotland in the year 1600, and all this before the rule of James VI of Scotland in 1603. In 1751, In England, Wales and in almost all the British dominions, including the Britain’s American colonies the New Year began on March 25th and it lasted for 282 days, and in the year 1752, it began on the January 1. For further information about the changes from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar, one can move to the histories and see Old Style and New Style dates of time.

Happy New Year Facebook Clipart

Happy New Year 2017

Nevertheless, regional or of the local usage of many other calendars were used, along with different cultural and religious practices, are used to measure the New year or the time of the Year long cycle. Many places including Israel, China, and also India celebrates the New Year with great zest at the times which are determined by the other calendars. In the Latin America, the all the traditions that belong to the various native cultures do follow the calendars, despite their domination of the newly arrived cultures and traditions.

Facebook is the new generation social network service website which was launched in 2004. And this media does not need recognition to be made. It is already said that colorful Images can act as a powerful way to showcase any emotional state, so why not to put an amazing Facebook Page’s cover photo for this upcoming New Year occasion. It does not need to be a simple image but off course, a special image to flaunt that will reflect your uniqueness as a social being on this social media platform.

Happy New Year 2017

To fix an attractive New Year Facebook Cover page all you need to do is to select a high-quality image that you want to flaunt on. For this New Year get colored images or any beautiful design pattern flaunting the welcome graphics for the New Year 2017.

Happy New Year 2017 Images

Happy New Year 2017

It has almost become a habit to celebrate all your tiny celebrations on the social media and also on the Facebook as it demands no other explanations and definitions. New is the time to have fun with your family and friends. You can plan an outing with your loved ones, in the chilled atmosphere of the weather you can enjoy the best moments with the people who are close to your heart. If you are a social media addict, the first thing that you will do is to change your FB Cover Picture and wish everybody on Facebook and will do the rest later on. So, our team is here to provide you with all the eye-catching images and patterns which you can flaunt this New Year and get as many likes on your new updated Facebook Cover picture.

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