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May the coming year bring all the happiness to you!

Every Year’s Day one is the New Year’s Day but do you know how the trend starts? First New Year was celebrated in the 45 B.C. on the 1st January when the Julian calendar comes into effect. A Roman Dictator , Julius Caesar  thought to reform the traditional calendar .Earlier in the seventh century, B.C Roman Calendar was following the lunar cycle but it seems out of phase as the seasons was not correct and need to be corrected.

Happy New Year Quotes

A new Calendar is needed and while designing the new Calendar Julius Caesar concerned the Sosigenes , an Alexandrian astronomer , who further suggested the Caesar leave the lunar cycle and follow the solar cycle as of the Egyptians. Earlier it was calculated that the year will have 365 days and ¼ days after that Caesar have done the addition of 67 days to the 45 B.C then we got 46 B.C calendar with the starting date of January 1, not same as of march. He also declared that it is needed to add a day in the month of February in every four years. Thus theoretically we are following the calendar. He has changed the name of the month of from Quintilis to Julius (July) after his name and before his assassination in 44 B.C. Later his successor also done the same and changed the name of the month of Sextilis to Augustus (August) after his name.

Happy New Year Celebrations

Happy New Year Quotes

New Year’s celebration was a bit out of practice during the Middle Ages as the persons who are strictly following the Julian calendar didn’t bother to celebrate the day on the exact date. Later it was observed that the Caesar and Sosigenes were not able to calculate the right value 365.242199 days of the solar year. Finally, an 11-minute error was added by the seven days of the 1000 year and 10 days by the middle of the 15th century.

After some time the people of the Roman church become aware of the problem and then they decided to come up with a new calendar. Pope Gregory XIII asked the Jesuit astronomer named as Christopher Clavius to design a new calendar and make the correction. So the Georgian calendar was implemented in the year 1582 with the omission of 10 days and added a new rule to the new calendar that only one year or every fourth year of the years should be the leap year. From that day all the people gathered from the world for the celebration of New Year’s arrival.

Happy New Year Messages

Happy New Year Quotes

Since then we started celebrating the last day of the year which is 31 of the month of December. People across the globe were all dancing and singing together on the New Year’s Eve to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Some of the countries organize the social gatherings where many people along with their families gathered and they dance, sings, eat, drinks and also enjoy some fireworks while celebrating the arrival of the New Year. The New Year celebration starts with the 31 December evening and it will last till the arrival of New Year on January 1.

Everyone wishes New Year to their contact through the messages, videos, and calls. There are also some quotes for the arrival of New Year and wishes for your family and friends for the coming New Year. There is a belief or you can say that it will be a tradition in some areas that people take the new year’s resolution for the every coming new year. Some people also followed the resolution that they have taken before the arrival of the New Year.

Happy New Year Quotes

Television sector also plays an important role in the arrival of the New Year as some people will not get a chance to go and does party outside they enjoy the celebration of the coming year through their televisions. Different channels broadcast different programs based on the celebration of the coming year and at exact 12’oclock in the midnight they wish Happy New Year to everyone around.

Happy New Year Quotes

Happy New Year Quotes

It’s being a tradition to call and message everyone to wish them happy New Year and there are a number of quotes through which you can wish your dear ones. All the quotes and sayings were showing the blessing and good thoughts for your family and friends. Most of the wishes include a message as the coming year will bring all the peace and happiness for you and your family or may you get all the happiness in the coming year. People believe that if they begin their new year with the family members and some of their good friends then the year will be like this only and they will enjoy the company of their friends and family as of the first day of the year.

There are many messages like:

“Cheers for the coming new year and we get another chance with the year to get it right”

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