Malayalam Calendar October 2017

Malayalam Calendar or the Kolla Varsham is the traditional calendar followed in Kerala State in India. Malayalam Calendar October 2017 dates are followed to determine birthdays and marriages,etc. Even today lots of festivals, events an marriages in temples etc… are dependent  on Malayalam calendar and Nakshatra. Given below is the calendar for the current month October, 2017. To change date, use the options and links given below. Here is a list of festivals, events and observances in Kerala for the Year 2017. Online English calendar began from 1900, showing particular Malayalam Calendar dates and days as per the Kolla Varsham, the calendar system continued in Kerala.

2017 Malayalam October Calendar
2017 Malayalam October Calendar Free

Malayalam Calendar October 2017

Kollavarsham is the name of the Malayalam Solar Calendar in India. All temple events in Kerala were signified according to the dates and days in the Malayalam Calendar October 2017, the 27 stars and the 30 Tithies. All festivals and agricultural activities in Kerala are also dependent on the Kollavarsham.

2017 October Malayalam Calendar
2017 October Malayalam Calendar Free

Initially Kerala people referred the Kali Abda depend on the Chathuryuga system ideology. According to it there are 4 yugas – Satya , Treta, Dwapara and the Kali Yuga. Kaliyuga began on February 18, 3102 BC. It was in 825 AD that the Malayalam Time, called “Kollavarsham” was begun.

Malayalam October Calendar 2017

There are many comments and conflicting views about the origin of Kollavarsham in 825 AD. Some trust and faith, it was the year of complete construction of a Shiva temple at Kandiyoor near Mavelikkara in Alappuzha district by King Cheraman Perumal. 825 AD tributed to the year Saint Shankaracharya attained Samadhi. This Malayalam October Calendar 2017 Date is confirmed with reference to Kali Dina “Aachaarya Vaagabhedyaa” which translate the rotation to the number 1434160 according to Paralper . The number of years elapsed since the starting of the present Kaliyugam, would be 3927, from which when one minus 3102, the beginning of the Christian Era, one gets 825 AD come into place. However, since it is available in the Mampalli plates of SriVallabhan Kotha in the year 973 AD (149 ME), we may assure that the Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham) had been thoroughly accepted then.

Malayalam Calendar October 2017 Printable
Malayalam Calendar October 2017 Printable Free

2017 October Malayalam Calendar

It is a 2017 October Malayalam Calendar meaning that the whole year is the time that the earth takes to complete one orbit of the sun. The sun ecliptic is distributed into twelve parts called raashis, beginning from the point of Meshaadi or Medam and moving westwards. The day on which the sun changes into each raashi before sunset is taken to be the first day of the month.

Malayalam October Calendar 2017 Printable
Malayalam October Calendar 2017 Printable Free

In case the sun changes into a raashi after a sunset but before the next sunrise, then the next day is the special day of the month. The days are then labeled 1, 2, 3…. till the first day of the next month 2017 Calendar. Like the Roman calendar the Malayalam Calendar also is dependent on 12 months. But these months are named after the star appearance rising on the orbit of the earth. Thus we find twelve months with varied lengths of 29 to 32 days in a year.

October 2017 Malayalam Calendar
October 2017 Malayalam Calendar Free

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