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New Year’s Eve 2018: celebrated in a gruesome way!!

New Year Eve is celebrated on December 31 every year which is the last day of the year. On 31 December, you will see various hotels and pubs filled with many people where various types of parties are held. You can either enjoy the New Year party either with your family members or with your friends. On New Year eve, it is not an urgency that you have to enjoy this New Year by joining various parties only, but you can also celebrate this eve with your family members at your home or somewhere else.

New Years Eve 2016

According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year eve is celebrated on the last day of the year. The numbers of the peoples celebrate this day or welcome the New Year eve in various numerous ways. On 1 January, which is said to be the New Year day, is an official holiday for various employees and officers not only in the United States but also in various other countries.

New Years Eve 2016

Many people celebrate this day, by organizing the parties at their home garden or backyard as well as in restaurants and pubs. The number of people, plan for the vacation and for the outings to celebrate this day with full of enjoyment.

Way to celebrate the New Year Day

New Years Eve 2016

On this day, you can plan to organize the party at your home in the garden or in the backyard. The parties vary according to the size and the number of peoples present in the party as well as the theme which you have planned. You can inform your friends that the parties you are organizing have some theme and they have to come in various costumes designed according to the theme. Many people plan for the small size parties or the simple family members gatherings at home whereas many of them celebrate this day with fireworks and lightings.

New Years Eve 2016

On 31 December, people start counting in the last minute before the starting of the New Year where other people start watching television by counting the numbers. Many people celebrate this day by giving hugs and kiss on this eve whereas other people exchange greetings and wish each other.


To symbolize this day, this day is celebrated in various forms and ways in different countries. You will see that in midnight, people enjoy this day by partying hard at their home, restaurants, in pubs, and disc. They often lighten their home, go for fireworks and fire on the crackers to celebrate this day whereas many of them dance to the tune of the music. Many of them enjoy this day by drinking beer, wine, and champagne whereas other enjoy having dinner and toast on this Day.

New Years Eve 2016

In Amsterdam, this day is celebrated by organizing the gigantic as well as gruesome party whereas you will find a large amount of DIY and fireworks on this day. People spend a large amount of money to celebrate this day. The best way to enjoy this day is by attending the party outside. People in Amsterdam, celebrate this day by walking on the streets as the public transport stops after 8 pm on this day. People celebrate this day, visiting the skinny bridge which is present in the Amsterdam where they enjoy the beautiful lighting at the most romantic place in the Amsterdam. On this day, people grab beautiful pictures and selfies. On the occasion of the New Year, people enjoy eating Oliebollen which is a doughnut filled with raisins. You will find various doughnuts at various places in the city which you can enjoy along with the glass of champagne. So this way the New Year is celebrated in Amsterdam.

New Years Eve 2016

In Dallas, this day is celebrated with friends and the family members to make this day memorable. In the city of the Dallas, people celebrate this day going for the window shopping and shop for the luxury items at the Highland Par Village which is the most popular places where you can enjoy purchasing the premium items. Even people visit the North Park center mall which is also the very beautiful place to shop clothes and accessories. In Dallas, people enjoy the free ride using the Miller Lite’s Freeride program on DART and the TRE after 6 PM to enjoy this day. This way the New Year Eve is celebrated in various forms in different countries.

So enjoy this day, and party hard on this New Year’s Eve 2016…….as this is the time to celebrate!!

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