Remembrance Day Clipart & Quotes Pics

Remembrance Day 2017

Tribute to the glorious dead through Remembrance Day Clipart

Remembrance Day Clipart

“It’s a tribute to all heroes of real life”

November 11 is a day to remember all our heroes who died in the First World War “They died for our lives”. It was November 11 of the year 1918 “11th day (11 November) of the 11th month (November) and at 11 am (in the morning)” it is the time when the war ended finally. Nowadays we could only pay tribute to them and we have two-minute silence in respect of those heroes who died in First World War just because we can live.  Remembrance Day is actually for those who lost their lives during army conflicts, in the First World War. Canada people officially call it a Remembrance Day while it is also known as Poppy day and Armistice Day.

“Remember all to thank them”

Remembrance Day Clipart

It is not only for the army persons who died in world war first but also for all those army men who died while serving their nation. We thank them in many ways. As they are not with us so we thank them in our own way through a two-minute silence, through numerous wishes, quotes, clipart etc. What we do to regard them is nothing as compared to what they have done for us.

In the commonwealth countries, Remembrance Day or poppy day was declared in memory of those who died earlier in the First World War. It was officially declared in 1919 by King George v for the remembrance of soldiers who lost their life.

We remember them to pay tribute to them as they are heroes of real life. There is much numerous clipart on the internet through which you can pay tribute to them or remember them.

The second Sunday of the month of November is known as remembrance Sunday in the country.

A silent tribute

Remembrance Day Clipart

A two-minute silence we have for those heroes in their memory who sacrificed their lives just to let others live peacefully. As you can see in the clip art there is a poppy flower which is a used as a symbol of remembrance. All the people remained silent for two minutes and the time starts with the 11th hour of the 11th month. We cannot do anything to thank them so this is the only way by which we can repay them by remembering them. We remain silent and remember their sacrifice and realizing their hard work and remembering them by all means. We can show our respect, tribute, love, and care for those by this means only. This silence for two minutes is significant and in the memory of the glorious dead.

A symbol of remembrance

Remembrance Day Clipart

How the poppy flower becomes a symbol of remembrance. As we all know the First World War took place in the Western Europe and the after which the beautiful countryside was all turned to a bombed blasted place. It has then become a field of mud which couldn’t afford to grow anything on it. After some time it was realized that the destructed field is all full of bright shining red flowers which are widely known as poppies (Papaver rhoeas). There were a thousand of red poppies in the destructed field that were flourishing in the middle of chaos. Later a Canadian doctor, Lt Col John McCrae was greatly influenced by the red poppies and writes a poem known as “In Flanders Fields”.

Poppy is actually a symbol of remembrance and hope and it is worn by millions of people and it has a natural red color of the poppies in the field. Some people wrongly relate it to the color of blood no it is not the color of blood or related to politics or religion by any means.  It is not by any means uses to promote wars but it is a symbol of hope and remembrance for the army persons who died in the battle and lost their lives.

On this day of Remembrance Day, the country people will collect money for the soldier’s families or ex-serviceman families who have served the nation by sacrificing their whole life. Some family people of the soldiers will keep wooden cross decorated with the poppy flowers near the war memorials in the country.

 “It is undesirable that we forget

Remembrance Day Clipart

It is not at all acceptable that we people forget their sacrifice and lead our life’s peacefully so we want to remember the day by any means through the flowers, activities, remembrance etc.

In the country, the country people were all gathered at war memorials during the ceremony, at churches and cenotaphs throughout the country to remember them. It is also necessary or we can say that the top politicians were all gathered at the Cenotaph at the London in Whitehall and they all gathered for a memorial service in the memory of those heroes who died on the battlefield while serving their nation. This way they remember all the people not just the people who died in the First World War but others also who sacrificed their lives for the others.

The poppy flowers were planted all over in the tower of London since the month of July. It has been heard that the original plan behind the scene is that the poppy flowers that were planted in July will all be removed after the Remembrance Day or the 11th November of the year.

Some people wear a poppy to show their remembrance to the people who sacrificed or lost their lives, there are some other people also who wear poppies to raise money for the sake of families of the glorious dead people. A charity that is done with the flower of poppies is widely known as the Royal British Legion in the country and around the world. It is as per the people’s wish how much they want to contribute for the sake of their families there is no limitation on the money as the money is for the purpose of charity for the serviceman’s family and their life’s.

“Remember the remembrance day to tribute the heroes”.

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