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Remembrance Day is celebrated to remember the army men who lost their life during the First World War, Second World War, gulf war and the many other battles and fights which happened against Afghanistan and other Arabian countries. On 11 November, you will find various persons gather at the memorials, ceremonies, and even churches to celebrate this day. The Remembrance Day is celebrated in almost every country. Even the people who belong to the royal family also celebrate this Day by gathering at the memorial of the Whitehall.


This is the Day to remember the soldiers and army men who fought for our country and sacrificed their lives to earn freedom. In order to symbolize this day, we see various persons celebrate this day with 2-minute silence and wear poppy dresses. On this Day, The Royal British Legion is the NGO or charity which raises money by selling the poppy flowers. Officials of the Royal British Legion work hard to raise the fund for the needy people and the women who lost their child and spouse during the war. Buyer buys these poppy flowers by paying random prices at variable cost as the cost of the poppy flowers are not fixed so the buyer pays the amount to the seller according to his wish.

If you want to know whether the celebration is taking place then you can symbolize the day by seeing the people costumes. On this Day, people wear beautiful clothes with poppy flower tagged at one of the sides; you will find people everywhere in churches, memorials, streets, and any other places. You will also find poppy flowers in white color. But the red color poppy flowers are used excessively because the red color signifies the blood of the army men who lost their precious life.

Why we use only the poppy flower?


John Mc Crae is the famous poet who wrote the poem which is known as “In Flanders Field”. He very well narrated the poem and said that the flowers which grew in the field of the battle are the poppy flowers. Hence the Remembrance Day is also known as the poppy day, as the poppy is the flower which symbolizes the Remembrance Day. Poppy are the red color flower which was cultivated on the battlefield after the completion of the First World War.

In Australia, The Remembrance Day is celebrated in a different way. People start playing the last post on this day in various corners of the Australia. This is the working day and many persons remember the brave persons who buried in the land of the battle.


This day is announced as the public holiday in Canada which is celebrated by saluting and firing the guns and by March pasting on the streets and the corners in Canada by the veterans.

In the UK, the Remembrance Day is celebrated by having 2-minute silence either on the second Sunday of the November month or on the 11th November. In France and Belgium, the Remembrance Day is announced to be the public holiday whereas, In India, peoples give tributes to the army cantonments.


This is the most important day as on this day we remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers. This is the day which gives us more strength as well as motivation in our life.

Important Facts


  • Poppy is the flower which symbolizes the Remembrance Day.
  • Monia Michael is the first American who wears the poppies on this day in November to give respect to the soldiers who died during the First World War.
  • This day is marked as the two-minute silence which is held at 11AM on Nov 11.
  • In many countries, the Remembrance Day is celebrated as the national holiday or a public holiday while in other countries; this day is celebrated by firing guns.
  • The Royal British Legion NGO works to raise funds and provide those funds to the needy people.
  • In the UK, the Remembrance Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the November month.

Celebrate the Remembrance Day at 11AM on November 11 by wearing the poppy or by saluting guns. You can also celebrate this Day by March Past.

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