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Remembrance Day which was held on 11 November is also known as the Armistice Day or the Poppy Day.  11 November is the day when the World War 1 ended. The First World War was ended at 11 am on the 11 November in 1918.In many countries, the Remembrance Day was held on the second Sunday of the November month which is known as the Remembrance Sunday of every year. You will find various ceremonies, memorial and churches fulfilled with the people gather to remember the soldier on the Remembrance Day throughout the country where the members who belong to the royal family and the top members of the parliament and the politicians gather at the memorial in Whitehall, London to remember the soldiers and the army man who have died in wars.

Remembrance Day Images

The Remembrance day is not only held to remember the soldiers who died in the first world war but this day is also held to remember all the people who fought for the country and died during the World War two, Gulf war, Falkland’s war and the battle against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why do we call the Remembrance Day as the Poppy day?

Remembrance Day Images

On the Remembrance Day, people wear clothes which have a poppy design or wear poppy clothes. Poppies are basically the flowers which are Red in color. People wore this type of clothes in order to remember the soldiers who died during war fighting for the country. As the second week of November month approaches, you will find various people wearing poppy type dress or attire either on the streets or on the television.

People wear red flower poppy because this flower poppy grew on the field where the battle was taken place after the end of World War 1. They are also used to give funds for the serviceman and the women who lost their husbands in the war or who are still alive after the end of the World War 1. The charity or the NGOs run in order to raise the fund is known as The Royal British Legion. People who work for this charity sell the poppy flower on the street of Britain to raise the fund. Prices of the flowers are not fixed, it depends on the purchaser as how much money they can pay to the poppy sellers to help the needy men and women.

The above picture is the picture of The Royal British Legion which works as a charity to raise funds and money in order to help everyone. They sell this poppy flower to earn money. All the officials celebrate the Remembrance Day to remember the sacrifices made by the soldier who died during the war.

The red flower shown in the above pictures are known as Poppy flower which is red in color.

Two-minute silence

Remembrance Day Images

King George V announced the two-minute silence which should be held to remember the people who died during the war which was held at 11 AM in the morning on 11 Nov 1919. The 1919 year, was the year which comes after the end of World War 1. Two-minute time is not the enough time to remember for thought for the soldiers who died during the war, and those who never returned to their home. A two-minute silence is basically to remember the sacrifices that the soldiers made and the sacrifices that their families made for the country to earn the freedom for other people.

On 11 November, people wear poppies and join ceremonies and memorials to attend the two-minute silence and to remember the brave men and the woman who made sacrifices to earn the freedom and makes us happy. In the above picture, people wore the red flower poppy and attending the ceremony to remember the brave soldiers.

The above image is remains of a village in the north part of France, where approximately one million civilians lost their life to the menace that we call World War I. We should always be grateful to the brave souls who defended their countries and families selflessly. This day really gained popularity and momentum after a poem “In Flanders Fields” which was composed by a physician from Canada. Inspired by this poem, there was a follow-up poem written by the professor in Georgia “We Shall Remember”.

Remembrance Day Images

In the current day, Remembrance Day is held throughout the world at around 11th November. In Australia, Remembrance Day is held as a time where people pay the respect to the brave soldiers who lost their lives. While this day is usually working in Australia, people usually play “ the UKlast post” across major streets. In Canada, this day is a public holiday and the ceremonies are held in Ottawa. This is followed by gun salutes and veterans doing a march past.

In India, the day is usually ceremony by tributes in army cantonments. In the UK, the day is held on Sunday nearest to 11th November. Pre or Post 2 minutes silence, there are firings of cannons. This day is also a public holiday in France and Belgium. In Italy, this day is held on 4thNovember when a ceasefire was declared on this day in 1918. This day is truly a day to remember those who we can’t forget. The brave never dies, their courage gives us the strength and motivation to overcome every challenge that one faces in their everyday life.


Remembrance Day Images

Remembrance Day symbolizes by the red flower poppies which people who want to celebrate the day wear this artificial poppy and celebrate the occasion at the war memorials. The main reason behind the use of poppy flower came from the poem which was written by the poet John Mc Crae and the title of the poem is “In Flanders Field”. John describes and narrates the poem which signifies that the poppies are the flower which grew in the field of Flemish graveyards. The red color of the flower indicates the blood of the soldiers who buried in the land. Many of them wear white color poppies instead of red one.

War memorials are the second symbol for the Remembrance Day. Apart from the red poppy flower, military parades on November 11 at the streets also signify the symbol of the Remembrance Day.

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