Remembrance Day 2017 Greetings Cards & Photos

Remembrance Day revolves around those whom we remind for their contributions to their country. The names of these martyrs will be carved at the bottom of our heart. They will be there in our mind for the sacrifice they made for us. In the month of November, this remembering event is happened to remind these face of the brave hearts who have laughed at the death and embraces it.

Remembrance Day Greetings

Britain, every year remember this day with the British Legion, Government of the country and Her Highness, Queen Elizabeth. They show their gratitude by unites them in a place where their memories will be remembered with love. These soldiers, who have fought for their nation and don’t hesitate to sacrifice their love, will be honored.

Paying homage to the fighters, who have given their best and deserves to be remembered for their soulful contribution.

Greeting or Salutation does not end up the memory of the Remembrance Day when the soldiers, the courageous fighters fought for the freedom, become the strength of us and save the nation until they lose their lives in the battlefield. The cost of the freedom has been paid and at this time, when we are free, it’s the high time to give the tribute to the enormous love they have bestowed on us for being their brothers and sisters of the same country.

Remembrance Day Greetings

This particular day is remembered with the poppy that holds a place in the history of the First World War. The poppy has become the part of the history of the Remembrance Day when Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae has seen the growing of poppies in the field of the War. Even today, when we greet for the Remembrance Day, somewhere the poppies came into the reference.

This day, thus dedicated to the fallen heroes who haven’t think about their present just to make our future better and secured. To pay homage, the commoners, therefore, gathered and offered silence to their memory and gain courage, follow their paths to learning to care, love with brevity and principles.

Remembrance Day:  Reminding our past with the respect and love they deserve for providing the freedom  

Remembrance Day Greetings

It might not be easy to face death with a smile on face and wink at it, but at least we can refrain us to forget them by keeping their paths of life, sacrifice and courageous attitude in mind. The serenity of the day enables us to think about the greater goods they served for the society. The strength of their nature and power of their love and affection to their own us insist us to think about our contribution and make us aware regarding their sense of responsibility that somehow make them different from the commoners and hold them higher like they fought withheld the head high.

Words are meant for expressing the emotion but some moment silence speaks louder than the words. Through the silent prayers, the commoners of the nation remember the courageous sons of the country who have given their best even in the form of their lives to earn the Freedom and faced the hard truth about the life and death.

Tasting the sweetness of rights to live and communicate for say the opinion is tough to get and the soldiers, martyrs of the countries have fought the tough circumstances with full power and enthusiasm.

Greet Remembrance Day with the memorable quotes and wishes

Remembrance Day Greetings

  • It says that in the war, no unwounded soldiers can be seen.
  • The fighting they fought with courage is their monument to-day and they did it just for us.
  • Patriotism does not mean to die and sacrifice for the sack of your country but it is for them is to live for their own nation and the humanity as well.
  • It is Freedom that never ever comes for free.
  • The word Courage depicts the contradiction of Terms and explains the strong desire to lead the life through with brevity and readiness to accept the death.
  • The nation does not make the land and mountain; it enjoys the power of freedom till the place will be called as the homeland of the brave soldiers.
  • War is nothing but surely a waste of the valuable Life.
  • Though the war is always there but the time will cure the wounds.
  • Admiring the loss makes the remembrance dearly loved.
  • Sometimes, we take the very things for granted that be worthy of our gratitude.
  • The most constant sound that resonates through the history is the war drums beatings


Although some of the words are there that gives us the pain, that’s why; they pray

  • Oh God, Cease the trumpet of the war and envelop every corner of the earth folded with the loving hands of peace.

These words imprinted in our bottom of our mind and heart. That is the reason that able us to think that it is the bravery, the zest of the patriotism that gives us the courage for the country by holding your head high. The tender emotion like love and strong emotion such as principles converged for a bigger responsibility that makes them able to sacrifice their life for the nation.

Remembrance Day Greetings

Ending of life does not erase our past

Lives of the innocents have burned in the fire of the war. The cry of the child was unheard and the sacrifice it was taken is enormous. The Mankind will remember the day to remind those who have to make them what they are today; free to speak their mind, heart, and soul.

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