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Remembrance Day is not about the war and or for what we have lost, but if we talk about the ideals and for that for which we stand for. The day is majorly about paying respect to one’s past but more than anything else, to present gratitude to all those who have served us. On this day, we all try to honor those who have fought for this country and for our freedom; it’s really very hard to search these words which can express what they have been made us available for us by their sacrifices.

Remembrance Day Quotes

So rather, turning our back for all those who have come before us, someone can heal a nation; others are just making us know that there are numerous impossible events that had just occurred. The day marks the end of the World War one which ended exactly at 11am 11/11/1918. And since that time, it has almost become a custom to keep a two-minute silence is held at 11am to remember all the people who have sacrificed their lives in the wars. Most of the countries do also celebrate Remembrance Sunday each year, which falls on every second Sunday in the month of November. Most of the people do celebrate the day as usual ceremonies at the war memorials, churches, cenotaphs throughout the Nation.

Remembrance Day Quotes Images

Remembrance Day Quotes

Most of the Royal Families and other top politicians put up an assembly at The Cenotaph in the Whitehall, London, for a memorial service. The anniversary is made to remember all the legendary people who have sacrificed their lives in wars, not just in the World War One.

The Remembrance Day also includes the World War Two, the Gulf War, the Falklands War, and conflicts that occur in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Here mentioned some of the important quotes that clearly justify the purpose of the Remembrance Day.

  • To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
  • Escape as it was not our goal as it was so unrealistic. What all we wanted was to simply survive, to live for long enough and tell the world what had actually happened in the Buchenwald.
  • Our hopes are too high. Our faith is in the people who are great. Our courage is so strong. And our dreams for this country will never ever die.
  • A nation cannot be saved & must not be saved because of an afterthought or from the considerations for a cost-benefit. As the moral fire burns within us, the lessons of Holocaust will never ever be learned.
  • Praising makes it lost as the remembrance dear.
  • Six million of the people live in our hearts. We are their eyes who remember us. We are their voice that cries out. The dreadful scenes flow from their dead eyes to our open ones. And these scenes will ever be remembered that exactly as happened.
  • A man’s country is not a particular area of land, rivers of mountains, and woods, but it is principle; and our patriotism is loyalty to this principle.
  • You should try and learn some of my philosophy. You can think only of the past as this remembrance will surely give you pleasure.
  • The brave never die, though they can sleep in dust: Their courage will cross a thousand living men.
  • A hero is someone who gives his or her life for something bigger than oneself.
  • The brave men whether living and dead, who once struggled here, have consecrated it, far above the poor power to simply add or detract. The world will simply little note, nor long remember what we can say here, but it can never be forgotten what they did here.
  • We were actually preparing not for Peace only, but for Eternal Peace.
  • There was about us the halo of some of the divine mission. We were bent especially on doing great, permanent, and noble things.
  • Most men do remember all their obligations, but are not often likely to be grateful; the proud are made up of sour by the remembrance and by the vain silent.

Remembrance Day Quotes

Why do we hold a two-minute silence?

The first silence was observed in Britain for two minutes and it was held on 11 November 1919 and this was the time when King George V has asked the masses to observe a silence at exactly 11am. This was the same year after the end of World War I. The king has made this request with the idea that the thoughts of the country men may be concentrated on the remembrance of these glorious dead. Remembrance has become a part of the British modern life, heritage, and culture. It has emerged as an important feature of the public calendar with each passing year when you are in public, at formal or informal Remembrance events that take place throughout the UK.

Remembrance Day Quotes

Remembrance Day Pictures

The day has evolved out of the Armistice Day, which is marked on the same day. The first Armistice Day was observed at the Buckingham Palace, with the commencement of King George V who hosted a Banquet in Honor of the President of the French Republic in the evening hours on 10 November 1919. And the first Armistice Day was held on the grounds of the Buckingham Palace on the following morning.

The day of Remembrance in many of the Commonwealth countries includes the sounding of “Last Post”, which is followed by the period of silence, then by the sounding of “Reveille” and the “The Rouse”. And the day is finished with the recitation of “Ode of Remembrance”. The Services of the day also include wreaths that are offered to honor the national anthems.

Remembrance Day Quotes

Respecting the legends and paying them a tribute is one of the purposes of this Day. What services we offer on this day is nothing if we compare it to the services that these soldiers and glorious men have done for their Countrymen. Our offerings are just a bit of their sacrifices.

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