Remembrance Day 2017 Sayings Photos & Wishes

Saying Remembrance Day is like thinking of them whom we remember from our heart and soul and they will always remain at the core of our heart through their brevity and sacrifice. THEY- The soldiers, who fought for their country selflessly and died on the battlefield of Britain, are remembered for their selfless love towards the nation of Britain.

Remembrance Day Sayings

During the remembering, the army, British Government and Her Highness Queen Elizabeth also shows respect and make certain that the commoners of the country do not forget those who have lost their lives or suffered in War. To make it reminded, Britain unites in a place and think of their fight.

Tribute to those who have given us the precious FREEDOM at the cost of their lives.

Remembrance Day Sayings

It is not the day when the soldiers are paid respect and honor those who only cared for us in the First World War and paid the price to get what we call today Our Freedom. The Nation paid their tribute by maintaining two-minute silence.

The inspiration of considered the poppy as a symbol of the Remembrance comes from the memory of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who witnessed the poppies budding in the battlefield.

Haven’t we thought that why it is so difficult to forget the Past??? Just because the people learned from their past experience and to take the lesson of Love, faith, and bravery, they produce Remembrance Services with the association of the Ireland.

Talking about the Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Sayings

Saying about the Remembrance Day through words will keep the memory last for long but the silence we offer Says thousand words even when we are referring us from the speech. The tranquility of the National Memorial Arboretum reminds us about the powerful existence of the martyrs and etched the memory of their contribution in our heart and soul forever and ever.    

People might say ten thousand words but some of them just express the inner feelings of the people. Those little words carry big meanings in the life of those who have got the blessing of freedom from those who have sacrificed themselves for their beloved country.

Saying of the Remembrance Day: some of the sayings that touch our heart each time we heard

Remembrance Day Sayings

  • In the war, no unwounded soldiers are there.
  • The fight they fought for the Freedom is their monument to-day and for us.
  • Patriotism is not like dying for the sack of your nation but to live for your country and for the humanity as well.
  • Freedom never comes for free.
  • Courage is the strongest contradiction of terms that depicts the powerful desire to live the life through the bravery and readiness to die.
  • The nation will enjoy freedom until it will be the homeland of the brave souls.
  • War is just the waste of the Precious Life.
  • Though the war is there, the time cures all the wounds.
  • Admiring what is lost makes the remembrance beloved
  • Sometimes, we take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude most.
  • The most constant resonance that reverberates through the history is the thumping of war drums

 Though these words have cut through us, but there is also some of them who says,

  • Oh God, Cease the war’s trumpet and let the whole earth be covered with the carpet of peace.

These words etched forever in our heart and mind. That is why, all of us think that it is the bravery, the patriotism that make us and stand us in front of the country with our head high. The principles and the love will be mixed with the bigger responsibility of sacrificing for the country.

Have we ever thought that how much courage they muster for their cause to love the people of the country but without thinking anything else, they have lost their dear lives, but those who left behind, will always think of them! This is where people tell these quotes and sayings about remembrance of those who have made us what we are today.

Ending the life does not end the Memory

Remembrance Day Sayings

Many people who know that their loved ones have lost in the cloud of the war; they have prayed and will be remembered in the loving memory where they will be live forever. The poppies growing in between the war field and the other side of the country is just the depiction but the inner meaning is inside of it. The courage to think beyond the war and loving the people somehow got mixed up with the emotions of the people.

If you are still on the verge of the question, then the answer of Remembrance Day will be presented to you in a different perspective, colored with different emotions that make the whole  event and the day a reminder for the creation of the Mankind.

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