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Thanksgiving Day is the occasion which is celebrated as the national holiday in many countries. Earlier this day was celebrated as the day of expressing our gratitude and happiness for good harvest of the last year. Thanksgiving is celebrated usually on the second Monday of the October month in countries like Canada and countries like the United States; it is celebrated on every fourth Thursday of the November month. There are places in the world which do observe some of the similar celebrations. Thanksgiving Day celebrates the cultural traditions and the religious norms, and it is celebrated in a completely secular manner.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

On this day all the people do read Prayers of thanksgiving for what nature has provided to us. And there use to be a special thanksgiving ceremony which is not common to all the religions after the harvest time. In the whole North America, The Thanksgiving day’s history is deeply rooted in English traditions which date back to the Protestant Reformation. The celebration has all the features of the harvest festival, and if the harvest occurs properly before the late-November, then the modern Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated and organized with great zeal.

Thanksgiving Day Images

Thanksgiving Day 2016

If we go with the English tradition, the days of the thanksgiving and the other religious services are gaining importance as a festival under the rule of Sir Henry VIII and are later added to the religious holidays that are mentioned in the Catholic calendar. Before 1536, there were only 95 Church holidays and 52 Sundays. But when masses were asked to attend all the church services and neglected the work or do pay for the expensive celebrations than  in 1536 reforms were called and the Church holidays were reduced to 27, but all the Puritans desired to eliminate all Church holidays, even  the Christmas and Easter too. They all wanted to replace the earlier holidays by another set of a holiday called Days of Fasting and Days of Thanksgiving. It was really unexpected that these simple threats of the judgment day are called as the Days of Fasting. All the blessings on the Thanksgiving Day are considered as the coming of God which is known as the Days of Thanksgiving. All the Days of Fasting were actually called for accounting the drastic drought of 1611, and later for the floods in 1613, and also for the plagues in the year 1604 and 1622. Days of Thanksgiving are to be followed by the brave victory over the Spanish Armada in the year 1588; which is followed by the deliverance of Queen Anne in the year 1705. An unusual annual Day of the Thanksgiving started in the year 1606 followed by the flopping of the Gunpowder Plot in the year 1605.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

All the Americans do gather together it for a day of feasting, and also for the football. Thanksgiving celebrations are unrecognizable as the visitors of the original during the 1621 harvest meal. This day will continue to be celebrated as the day for Americans which comes altogether around the whole table i.e. albeit with only a few updates to the pilgrim’s menu.

In November 1621, the Pilgrims’ first ever corn harvest was successfully proved, and the Governor William Bradford has completely organized a celebratory feast of the fledgling colony’s Native American allies, as it includes the Wampanoag of the chief Massasoit. Now this day is remembered as the American’s “first Thanksgiving and the festival lasted up to three days. Historians and all the ancient customs recommend celebrating this day with as many dishes that are needed to be prepared with all the traditional Native American cooking methods. Because the Pilgrims had no ovens ever or many of the Mayflower’s sugar supply has reduced it by the fall of 1621, the meal is supposed to feature pies or any other desserts and cakes that are used in all the contemporary celebrations.

Thanksgiving Day Significance

The real religious significance is never lost in the present times, it centers all on the cooking and sharing a bountiful meal with all your loved ones. Turkey is the newest Thanksgiving staple which is ubiquitous and is synonymous with these holidays, may or may not offer when the Pilgrims hosted the inaugural feast in 1621. There is around 90 percent of the Americans who eat bird as roasted/baked or as deep-fried on the Thanksgiving Day. The Other traditional foods include the mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie. Volunteering is a very common for the Thanksgiving Day activity that often holds the food drives and they host free dinners for the less fortunate masses.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

There are special greetings that show your gratitude on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day!

  • Be grateful to all that you have; you’ll end up with having more. And if you concentrate what you don’t have, you will never ever be able to have enough. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • Thanksgiving Day is the occasion to gather all the energies to giving thanks and the just giving. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • Gratitude is a feeling of kindness that is usually received. Thankfulness is here presented as the natural impulse to express all your feelings. Thanksgiving is surely that impulse.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

  • If you are feeling really thankful, what do you need to actually do? You share it right…
    It is the common knowledge where the average Americans gain around 7 pounds in among the Thanksgiving and of the New Year’s Day.
  • Thanksgiving dinners will take hours to be totally prepared. And the meal is to be consumed in only twelve minutes. Half-times you all need to take those total twelve minutes. This is definitely not a coincidence. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • Drink and be thankful to your host! It really seems to be a little insignificant when one have it, as is important when you require it.
  • Some of the memories are unforgettable, while the remaining is vivid and also heartwarming! Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • I’m actually thankful for almost every moment. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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