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Thanksgiving Day Facebook

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as the national holiday celebrated in countries like Canada and the United States. It was initially celebrated as a day to thanks the almighty for the blessings of the harvest and also of the preceding year. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated on the second Monday in the month of October in Canada and also on the fourth Thursday in the month of November in the United States. There are many places where we observe similar celebration habits. Although the Thanksgiving does have all the historical roots in the religious and cultural traditions, it has celebrated in completely different manner. All the Prayers of thanksgiving occasions are actually common almost all the religions or after harvests at other times. The Thanksgiving holiday is occasioned from the times of the history of North America and it is also rooted in the English traditions which are dating from the Protestant Reformation. The festival has all the aspects similar to a harvest festival, even the harvest in the New England occurs very well before late-November on which the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated.

Thanksgiving Day Facebook

The prior Thanksgiving festivity in Canada is usually attributed to the earlier onset of winter in the north, thus the end of the harvest season. Thanksgiving celebrations in countries like Canada never had a fixed date till the late 19th century. Before the Canadian Confederation, many individual colonial governors’ provinces had actually declared the days of Thanksgiving. The very first official Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations are occurred in the month of April in 1872 when the whole nation was celebrating the recovery of Prince of Wales’ from a very serious illness. As the 19th century comes to an end, from then onwards Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 6. However, when the World War I is ended, the Armistice Day holiday is also held during this week. To keep these two holidays safe from clashing with one another, the Canadian Parliament proclaimed in 1957 that the Thanksgiving Day is to be observed on the present date on 2nd Monday of the October month. Since 1971, the American Uniform Monday Holiday Act came into action; the American observance of the Columbus Day has coincided with Canadian observance of the Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day Facebook Cover Pics

Thanksgiving Day Facebook

In Canada, the Thanksgiving Day was observed on the various dates in history. From this time the Founding Fathers to the time of Lincoln, the date of Thanksgiving was actually observed in a varied from every state to state. The last Thursday in the month of November has now become a customary date in almost of the U.S. states from the beginning of the 19th century. Because of the continual Civil War and of the Confederate States of American refusal to follow up Lincoln’s authority, Thanksgiving date was not finalized until the Reconstruction in the late 1870s.

It is said that Images are a powerful way to represent any kind of an emotional state, so it is very important to get a Facebook Page’s cover photo for every different occasion. It is not only a simple image but a special image that symbolizes or reflects your state of being.

Thanksgiving Day Images For Facebook

Thanksgiving Day Facebook

To get an attractive Facebook Cover page you can use high-quality images that you want to put in focus, get a balanced colored image or good lighting designs, or go for photo editing software to optimize your images. You can use a design pattern for your image collage or use any of the one big images which are just to keep all the cover photos but keep your shape in the mind when all the settings are up to your composition.

It has now become a trend to celebrate all the festivals on social media and Facebook in itself demands no further explanation. Thanksgiving Day is a great time to feel gratitude for the good things in life. This is a day of festivity, and also of the family reunions and other lavish feasts. In USA Thanksgiving Day is the major family celebration which is generally celebrated at home with all the other family and friends. The traditional dishes include Cranberry sauce, Roasted turkeys, and Corns. Potatoes and the Pumpkin pie in the amazing Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Day Facebook

Most of the People celebrate this day with a great enthusiasm with their family and friends that are provided to give the gifts include flowers, baked cookies, jewelry, chocolates and other gifts to your dear ones.

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