Thanksgiving Day 2017 Quotes For Whatsapp Status

It’s us, the God’s best creature think that it’s tough to be human but the Almighty has bestowed his blessings on us and that is the reason, we should be thankful to the Lord. The intelligence, creativity, logic, emotions, fighting spirit along with our lives has come to us as a gift. To remember it and show our gratitude, this Thanksgiving Day had got a place in the calendar. Americans celebrate this day on the fourth Thursday of November every year. To remind all the love, care, gifts got from the family members, and friends, we have thanked them and bring a happy smile to their face.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

The wishes and quotes to make us remember about the special season of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Now, in the age of high-speed internet, people make wishes and greet each other through the platform like Whatsapp and facebook. We have jotted some of the heartfelt words that stir the emotion within us.

  • Thanksgiving is a blessing indeed. Just celebrate it with your special one, friends, family, near and dear ones and Thank them with your heart.
  • Friendship for some has become sweeter and beautiful with each passing time.
  • Wishing a hearty Thank you for making my life vibrant with colors of emotions.
  • If you are unable to feed over hundred people, then just try to feed one.
  • It’s high time to be merry, don’t look so grim, sometimes, it’s better to say ‘Thank You’.
  • Thanksgiving comes to us irrespective of the ages and faiths and now the time has come to Say Thank You.
  • We hope that the joy, happiness, and love showered on you throughout the year as you are considered to us as the special blessing.
  • You stay in my heart, in prayers and thought. We hope that this special season embraces you with all the contentment, warmth, and tenderness of love.
  • Thanksgiving is not about express your Thanks to getting what you have today, but it’s more of being grateful for what you are going to get.
  • The biggest emotion of the heart is the Gratitude we have in it.
  • When you say Thanks; you find pathways to the heart.
  • The Lord has two home; one in the heaven and the other one is in the thankful heart.
  • When we do for us; we die alone and when we do for others, we have become immortal.
  • Always thank for what you have; you will end up with more.
  • The most precious gift is to have all the wonderful friends.
  • This Thanksgiving, appreciate near and dear ones for being part of your life and treat them as the best gift you have got.
  • Be full of gratitude to the God who has given us the opportunity to be what we are today.

Thank You- The word made the world a better place to live in.

A Thank You can make big difference as through it those who are close can make your life better keeping the closeness intact.  This day is dedicated to thanking the family and God. Say Thanks by spending time with them, playing football, eating good food. Love your life and don’t make the mistake of taking the things for granted. Some say that it is enough to please the Lord when you utter two magical words, “Thank You”. These will make you more happy and joyous in your life. This is the reason, why people say that more than a room to stay and roof on the head, a family to Love will come up as a necessity. Getting exactly the Love is like getting the most precious gift in the world and you should be thankful for that.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

We often take our life for granted and don’t even count the blessings we got, but if we started counting, our life will turn out to be the most amazing one. Acknowledging the dependence on our family has become also a part of the Thanksgiving where the people understand the value of the contribution and the sacrifice of the family members.

Thanksgiving- a ritual to display our gratitude towards those for whom we are here.   

Thanksgiving Day 2016

In this day, the citizens of America rejoiced the season of Thanksgiving through different rituals, parade and other games and events organized by the localities, and local organizations. This time, not only people shows respect and say thanks to the God and his creation but also remember that how lucky they can get by getting the touch of all the lovable people.

We often think that it’s the prayer that gives us peace and mental strength, but with the celebration of this day, God has made us believe that by giving the happiness, one can get the peace and also get a feeling to be embraced by the Lord through the loved ones they get in their life. Every moment they cherish is the nicest gift one can have and it’s worthy.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day and wish others to share the emotions.

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