Thanksgiving Day 2017 Sayings & Quotes Pictures

As John F Kennedy rightly said that, As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to say words, but to live by those words.”  Thanks’ giving is a tradition in America and is celebrated with great fervor and joy. It’s the day which was celebrated originally for giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings for a good harvest and for the next year. Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and in the USA it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a holiday in America on thanksgiving day and people look forward to it. The importance of thanksgiving is much more than just a holiday. Thanksgiving is a special prayer to God for showing the gratitude and gratefulness towards what has been given to us.

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

God has given so much to me,

Give one more; a grateful heart.

Thanksgiving is actually a relationship between the lord, the giver and the human beings, the taker. We should always thank God for what he has given us. The real meaning of thanksgiving has undergone many changes and people follow it as per their will. Be Thankful for what you have and if you will concentrate on what you don’t have you may never have enough.

Thanksgiving Day Pics

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

Thanksgiving day is a special day to recollect your energy and thinking and just giving. Thanksgiving day is the most cherished and treasured celebration in America. This day starts with a feast and almost every year the people of America wait for the holiday for the Thanksgiving day. A special menu for lunch and dinner is fixed. Roast Turkey is the most special dish for the Thanksgiving Day. With time the other dishes have changed but this one is the tradition for the American people which they follow till date.

The one who Thanks with words, Thank but in part,

The true Thanksgiving come directly from the heart.

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

Thanksgiving day is not celebrated only by the actions but also people Thank God from the bottom of their hearts. Their actions also explain this more than their words. Thanksgiving day is the day where people prepare themselves very humbly for Thanking the almighty for the gifts he has given to them in the form of family, friends health and wealth they have received every year. It’s the day when each one of us feels so fortunate to have all the things and people in our life.

For every new morning with a new ray of light,

For home and shelter for every night,

For love, food, health, family and friends,

Thank for everything God has send.

This is the day when people also extend their help to the other who need it. Another purpose of the thanksgiving day is to come together. This is the day when people show their strength in their unity. They forget all their differences and celebrate this day together. When asked if the cup is half full or half empty, the response should be that I am grateful that I have a cup. This famous saying also indicates the true meaning of Thanksgiving day. It is important to teach the young minds the value o Thanksgiving day. And that is why it is celebrated with great pleasure every year before Christmas.

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

May God Makes me thankful for what I have received and even more Thankful for what I don’t have. It is also important to understand that God; the father, the giver had planned everything for us. And we should all have complete faith in God. We should all thank him for what he has given us and also thank him for the things which he has not given us, which we prayed for because, in the end, we get what best for us in the long run. If you are really thankful, then you share. So on these special Thanksgiving Day people share their belongings with the needy. They give away what they have and then it is another way of saying Thank you to God. This is the way by which God will know that we are Thankful to him and we are the correct ones for his blessings. Sharing will make you feel more connected with God.

Thank you, God for the food we eat,

Thank you, God for the world so sweet,

Thank you, God for the birds that sings,

Thank you God for everything

Thanksgiving Day Sayings

This Thanksgiving Day we should all pray to God only to thank hi for all the good things in this life he has given us and also should teach the young children about the importance of Thanksgiving Day. It is also important to share our things to the needy and this will be the greatest way to Thank God by action.

Thank the unknown prayers that are already on their way.

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