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Thanksgiving is coming in November month which is celebrated on fourth Thursday of every November. Thanksgiving is the very well-known occasion to the young generation which is celebrated as a joyful day. You can go for purchasing various items with crazy discounts as well as you can enjoy the day by exchanging various gift items with your family members and your friends. However, thanksgiving is more than this. Thanksgiving has its own history spanning across religious and cultural traditions.

Thanksgiving Day Images

In the above picture, the lady serving the feast to the less fortunate. This way the lady is celebrating the Thanksgiving Day by serving the food to the needy people.

In the United States, the history takes us back to 1621, where there is evidence of first thanksgiving celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts. This feast was promoted by the good harvest. This tradition reached the US by the travelers from New England who carried along with them the tradition of days of Fasting and the Days of Thanksgiving. It wasn’t until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln announced that this day will be celebrated in November. The Thanksgiving day started gaining popularity after George Washington, who was declared as the president of United States, announced the first nationwide thanksgiving celebration marking on November 12,1789 as a day of public thanksgiving and as a day to offer prayers with grateful hearts.

Thanksgiving Day Images

Across various American families, this day has a lot the original tradition of parades and religious significance.Instead, now this day revolves around cooking and sharing the meal among the family members and friends. Turkey day has now become the synonym to this holiday. According to the national statistics, 90% of the American households eat Turkey bird, in some form or other on this day. Other traditional food includes mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Most of the great hearts volunteer on this day host free dinners for the ones in need.

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Thanksgiving is not only celebrated by having the tasty feast, but the Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated by watching football which was an old tradition began in the 1876 year. This tradition started when newly formed known Football Association organized its first championship event. In 1934, to carry forward the spirit, first NFL game was held on Thanksgiving. Also, till this time, 5,000+ club, college, and high school football teams held the football games on Thanksgiving. The matches between the Princeton and Yale draws out more than 40,000 fans out from their home.

Thanksgiving Day Images

Still, there are parades which happen in few cities in the United States. There are parades like New York’s Thanksgiving parade which attracts as many as whopping 3 million spectators along its 2.5-mile distance. There are usually performers, marching bands and all the fun elements to watch for.

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

This day is also celebrated outside the United States. In Canada, you will find that the Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in mid of the October month. It is a popular belief that the earlier celebrations for Thanksgiving were done to mark the onset of winter and end of harvest season. Strangely, there was no fixed date earlier for this celebration and thus, many of the individual colonial governors used to declare their own days for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day Images

In Australia, this day is celebrated by Turkey day potluck picnic. In Germany, a variant of the Thanksgiving Day,Erntedank fest is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. This day is essentially a harvest festival that signifies thanks to God for a good year and fortune.

In the below picture, you will see a common sight in United States household on this day. The families get together and enjoy having delicious meals with their loved ones.

Japan celebrates Kinrokansha no Hi on 23rd November. The name of the festival is derived from ancient ritual name Ninamesai (meaning – celebration of hard work and community involvement).

This day is celebrated in India now in various forms. India celebrates the number of harvest festival in various forms according to the state. In Punjab, Lohri is a festival which marks both celebrations and sharing. In the Southern part of India, end of harvest is observed as Pongal. On this day, the farmers cultivate various harvested cereals, wheat, and rice and usually, prepare sweet dishes.

The above picture shows parade organized by Macy. This parade is a part of thanksgiving holiday tradition. The Marching bands are quite a sight.

Thanksgiving Day Images

If you are going to the New York City on the thanksgiving occasion, holiday markets are the must place to go. The above images show the festive site and the celebrations at Holiday market in New York.  You can also choose to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where the stores are open for long hours and there are heavy discounts offered on the market.

Thanksgiving Day Images

Each year, the President of the United States officially pardons one turkey for being served on Thanksgiving. This is the tradition started by John F Kennedy and dates back to 1963. So this is all about Thanksgiving Day.

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