Thanksgiving Day 2017 Wishes Quotes & Photos

Thanksgiving Day is actually celebrated in the Canada and United States. Second Monday of the month of October is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in Canada and similarly, the fourth Thursday of the month of November is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day in the Unites states to thank the god for the previous year and harvest of the year. This day is celebrated by the people in different ways with the close family and friends enjoying meals, party etc. On the Thanksgiving Day traditional dishes like Cranberry sauce, Roasted turkeys, Pumpkins, Potatoes and corns were served among the family gathering.

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

On this day of thanksgiving, you can purchase various gift items for your close friends as well as for family members. You will also have to wish everyone on your contact list on this Thanksgiving Day. There are many wishes or messages through which you can wish your dear one’s with the hope of blessings and joy for everyone in the family. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day starts in the year 1621 when first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated among the people. It was originally celebrated by the pilgrims in the new world after their first harvest. The Thanksgiving Day feast is promoted by the harvest. It was started in the US after the New England citizens as they bring the traditional change to the US withal the fasting and Thanksgiving Day celebration.

It was the year 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared the thanksgiving to be celebrated in the month of November.  It becomes popular with the time and declared as the national Thanksgiving Day by the George Washington and it starts with the celebration on 12 November. It was celebrated by the people with good hearts and prayers to thank the harvest and of the previous year. Thanksgiving Day for many Americans is actually a start of a holiday season as they will plan the vacations accordingly and starts the vacations with the family or friends by enjoying great meals among themselves.

Thanksgiving Day Pics

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

There are a number of thanksgiving wishes on the internet through which you can actually wish to the family and friends of yours. Wishes include the thanks to almighty for everything that we have, had and belong to. And pray to the god that Almighty will always bless us withal the things that we needed and deserve.

In the year 1621, it’s been a year of the Puritans arrivals in Massachusetts. Half of them died because of the rough weather or we can say that because of rough winter and after which they seeking help from the neighboring Indians and Indians teach them the lessons over crop plantation and other crops. After that, the Pilgrims managed for the thanksgiving feast on the next fall for the good harvest. It is become a tradition from the day as the Americans being prospered and pilgrims’ starts captivating while struggling for the freedom.

Thanksgiving Day Photos

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

It’s a tradition of the Thanksgiving Day to include some of the foods in the Thanksgiving Day feast. It includes a roasted turkey, Potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie etc. It is also a tradition that the family members and friends will give thanks to the Almighty for all the things that they have with them while enjoying the meals with the dear ones. Many different activities were organized on this day like race, parade etc. to celebrate the day.

In India also the harvest festival is celebrated in many different forms as Lohri is celebrated in Punjab which is a period of joy as they all gathered at a place enjoy the meals together and dance and wishes all. Similarly, another festival known as Pongal is also celebrated in the south part of India in which people makes different dishes, sweets, harvested cereals, wheat, rice etc to celebrate the harvesting with the family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

You can get a heavy discount on the marketplace with the coming festivals or the Thanksgiving Day occasion. Markets were all full of the crowd as the people have to do shopping for the family and dear ones on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day Messages

It’s being a tradition in the United States that the president of the United States will pardon one turkey which is further served on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day. This tradition was started by the John F Kennedy in the year 1963 and afterward all are following this tradition.

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

So the Thanksgiving Day is celebrated for a good reason where people thanks to the god and enjoy the festival or we can say that the occasion with their family and friends. Thanksgiving Day wishes are also popular to wish your friends and family on the occasion. Many marches and parades were organized on the occasion and some sports games were also organized in the United States to grace the occasion in a different way. Thanksgiving Day is the day to thanks all for their support and blessings towards us in our own way. Enjoy the thanksgiving with your family and friends this time while enjoying thanksgiving meals.

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